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Acne Makeup Tips

Myths About the Causes of Acne, There are many myths about what causes acne. Chocolate and greasy foods are often blamed, but research has shown that foods seem to have little effect on the development and course of acne in most people.

One important factor is rising hormone levels. These hormones, called androgens (male sex hormones), increase in both boys and girls during puberty and can cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum.

Several factors can contribute to the cause of acne or make it worse. Hormonal changes related to pregnancy or starting or stopping birth control pills can also cause acne. Friction caused by leaning on or rubbing the skin or the pressure from bike helmets, backpacks, or tight collars can contribute to or worsen acne.

Let's look at some common effects of acne.

Skin - Having acne can degrade your skin and it can result in scars, blemishes and rashes. Skin is directly related to how attractive you look and acne degrades the skin if not treated on time.

Social Affects- People having acne are often shy and lack confidence. Depression- Severe acne can lead to depression and stress. Effects of acne on personality- Acne at an early age, can hamper the development of your personality.

Best Makeup Tips for Acne Skin. Cleanse your face with your finger tips with a mild cleanser. Rinse with warm water, then splash cool water on your face. Pat your face dry with a soft towel. You can even mix some lavender oil or tea tree oil with your moisturizer to soothe your skin.

The foundation must be oil free, water based, transparent or matte. A slight tinted oil free moisturizer can also be used in place of the foundation and not apply too much foundation on your acne. The blusher should also be oil free and mild.

Tips For Choosing Makeup For Acne Prone Skin. Use only oil free makeup and avoid products that contain oil from petroleum like mineral oil. You can also opt for mineral makeup for acne prone skin. Mineral makeup contain products like zinc oxide, titanium oxide, organic botanical extracts that have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. You might like to know more about liquid mineral makeup and mineral makeup for oily skin.

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