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Causes and Thinning Hair Care Tips

There are many causes for thinning hair. Although we all lose a certain amount of hair every day, thinning hair can be a temporary condition caused by worry, anxiety or stress, unbalanced diet, iron deficiency or thyroid disease. For those who are reaching middle age may simply be an inherited condition of hair loss or baldness. An iron supplement is often effective in stopping this problem.

Another cause of thinning hair can be hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, or as a side effect of certain medications or treatments such as chemotherapy drugs. Some medications to treat high blood pressure can also rarely cause loss and thinning hair. These drugs usually consist of inhibitors, diuretics, beta blockers and angiotensin receptor blockers. This condition can be reversed by stopping the supply of these drugs, but in some cases hair loss may be permanent. Other classes of drugs, including some statins to lower blood pressure as well as birth control pills could be one of the causes of thinning hair.

These are suggestions for thinning hair care tips, to help protect the hair, prevent further hair loss, and add volume to your existing hair.

Try coloring for hair loss. If you inherited a tendency to hair loss, most likely have very healthy hair. Therefore, hair dyes can benefit from permanent or semi-permanent to give body and volume to hair.

The drugs can weaken the hair, causing it to break or fall. It will not damage the hair, but will give body and volume.

If your hair is fine textured, semi-permanent dyes or permanent fincionaran well, provided it is applied professionally. Dyed hair can be easily over-treated, which damages it, causing further loss of hair.

Use products that give volume. Many products that give volume to hair containing paraffin, which is beeswax. That's not good for the hair, because it accumulates and can cause the hair to break.

However, the volume of products sold in salons help. Do not weigh your hair down and not hurt. Then begin to dry the root area with a hair dryer by applying tension with a brush to create volume. Wash and condition hair when dirty. To protect the hair, it is best to use shampoo only when hair is dirty. Because fine hair gets dirty faster, people with fine textured hair need to wash your hair more often - although fine hair breaks more easily.

For that reason, the fine-textured hair benefits from a good shampoo and conditioner.

Find a style that fits your hair. Hair dryers should not be a problem, even if you have fine hair. However, be careful of extreme heat on the hair directly. Irons and curling irons can cause damage and breakage.

Get a permanent wave. The permanent can help give volume to fine textured hair - but the hair must be healthy, not dry or brittle. Just a gentle wave is advised, because tighter waves can damage the hair. Because chemicals in permanents are strong, a permanent should be only a last resort for people with fine hair.

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