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Acne Eyeshadow Makeup Tips

Eyeshadow makeup tips are most inquired about these days as we all know how much beautiful eyes add to the overall beauty of a woman. The art of making yourself look beautiful comes in many tricks and techniques. Eyeshadow makeup tips have been around for a very long time. Perhaps there are certain things that people have to remember when applying their eyeshadow.

With eye color you can create the illusion of recent sizes and shapes. Keep in mind that light colors highlight and dark colors shrink or recede. When applying eyeshadow sweep the lightest shade within the entire area from lash line to brow. It'll hold your color and stop creasing. After applying your base color, apply a medium shade on the lower lid.

This is actually the part of the eye that nearly all women apply eyeshadow. Blend into your base shade. Blend well. This really is your accent shade so when used can produce a more defined eye. The way you apply this contour shade can help eyes look bigger, smaller, wider set or closer together. The bottom line is combine so well that attention continues to be attracted to your eye, not your eye makeup.

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