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Makeup Tips

Following the line of the suggestions for all women who are interested to be well informed or implement them, the issue then we will know that it is of great interest to all as are the makeup tips. Are increasingly women who devote much of their time to make, but not just for a special outing - movie, theater, dinner, etc. Details disguising makeup tips

For in the makeup tips that we have studied, we know that is not easily they can be uncovered only with makeup. That's why we transmit the following trick you, it's very simple to implement, we need transparent hair gel. What we do is place with small taps to be absorbed better and finally, after drying, apply foundation very smoothly.

If the problem you have are those unwanted bags on the eyes, what we do in the first place is to obscure the swollen area. To do this we make a small pencil line to delineate brown. Then it disappeared with the finger so that aspect of nature, and place a colored pressed powder clear. If your problem is the yellow teeth, we also have makeup tips, which make it look whiter, is if we use colors of dark lipstick, and if possible in the shade of red and yellow.

Another issue is if you suffer from a rare sweat on his face, that is excessive. What we know is that this is a pretty little problem when complicadito makeup. That's why we recommend makeup bases that do not contain oils. The solution is applied with a small brush or cotton swab with thermal water.

In these makeup tips, the other thing we know is consulted, it is women who suffer from myopia, it is known that use lenses which are very thick glasses and squinting by others. But everything has a solution, and in this case you need to do is, apply a clear shade of the upper eyelid and below the eyebrow, draw the line around the eye. This should be well marked and well thickens lashes back with many coats of mascara.

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