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Natural Makeup Tips

The beauty of the face begins with good skin, before any makeup routine, be sure to apply yourself a good basis for natural tone, which in and of itself will make a difference in your face, without his makeup look or refilled. To be beautiful is not just makeup, but there are numerous that you should take care as part of your routine, diet, exercise, take care of your face, among other beneficial habits will make you look more beautiful and fresh. Not always get carried away by trends, the makeup is like painting. You can keep in constant experimentation and find your own style.

If you hurry, if you do not have time to make, choose Apply mask if you are blonde, or lipstick if you're brown. If you have no time, this is the order of importance of makeup moisturize, apply foundation, brush, eyeliner, lipstick. All women have a strong point and other points disadvantageous. Do not try to compare with anyone, by contrast, knows your face and body and emphasizes the good that nature has given. Only in this way get to see beautiful and safe.

The shape and appearance of your eyebrows should always be natural, and also must be consistent with your face. If you have fine features, so should your eyebrows, if your features are much stronger, your eyebrows should be slightly more pronounced . Universal colors in makeup, pink cheeks and brown eyes.

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