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Summer Makeup Tips

Makeup trends change in the summer. With the arrival of the sun and warmth prevail iridescent tones and uncluttered appearance and natural. Increased leisure time and have more time to fix. Why firms put on the market cosmetic products specially designed for those days.

Summer is the season par excellence to enjoy the outdoors and recharge for what lies ahead. But the heat, sun and moisture can ruin our makeup. To avoid this, we offer a few beauty tips to keep you always impeccable, both day and night.

Summer Makeup Tips

The base - The choice of the base is critical because it will affect the finish on your face. Extend it carefully with a damp sponge from the center of the face out for better coverage. There are products that combine sunscreen makeup in one, are a good choice to be made up and protected against ultraviolet rays simultaneously.

Eyes - Before you start making up your eyes is necessary to remove excess fat. To do this, press the eyelids with a little translucent powder and scatter with a soft brush. As for colors Go for bright colors, especially to cover the eyelid. For a night plus highlights shadow using darker colors, but do not forget the illuminator, especially under the eyebrows.

In your lashes choose a waterproof mask, they are lighter and prevent smudging your makeup, creating the undesirable effect of dark circles. To create thicker lashes with volume, apply the eyeliner to zigzag, inside and out, starting from the base of the eyelashes. Use a thin eyeliner, you can even moisten with a little shade on the upper and lower lashes.

Lips - To prolong the color before applying lipstick applying a light dusting of powder on your lips and then apply the color. If you are a daytime makeup, soft tones to choose to play with the color of your skin and do not forget to add a touch of sparkle. For the evening you can bet on stronger colors in the range of red and pink. In that case, apply a second coat of color. There are brands that offer, along with lipstick, a color fixative must then apply. For a perfect result and natural finishes with light touches of translucent powder using a swan and remove the excess with a thick brush. This dust is obscuring function and set the makeup, giving an appearance of great natural and controlling the sweat of your face. To give more light to your eyes, you can apply in parallel to the line of blush.

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