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How To Makeup Tips For Women

How To Makeup Tips For Women - In women of this race, skin imperfections occasionally occur often as not providing a perfect unification of color, black spots etc, the first step we should advise serious, use a mask to purify and unify skin in a single gesture, this is achieved by Peel & Reveal of Elizabeth Arden, revitalizing mask is achieved with a single application, clean, light, and a more uniform texture, and completely closes the pore.

Do Not Forget The Serums Essential For Achieving A Perfect Skin

Once we have clean skin, apply a serum free of fat, such as Good Morning Skin Serum, an anti-fatigue treatment, and provides a stroke of brilliance to the skin, brings softness and vitality, once the product enters let pass few minutes for a perfect absorption.

Eye Shadows To Enhance And Highlight Them More

They are chocolate brown, plum, purple, blue, purple, dark purple, all of which highlight the natural tone of your skin, are elegant and flattering, we will apply across the mobile lid, and take a point of light in the center of the eye with a lighter shade.

Advice For The Eye And Eyebrow Pencil

If you want to remain unchanged and last much longer I advise Dior black pencil, to get finished with perfect eyes and a deep black tone, which will provide depth to the look. Do not forget to correct the eyebrows with a brown pencil, customizing the form in his face.

Balance the volumes of its features

Use chocolate brown, to shade just below the cheekbones ascending in this way get to tune the features in the upper area of the cheekbone use terracotta-orange tone, coloring, we get a nice finish with light and dark shadows.

It's a really simple task to follow the contour of your lips, to further emphasize and give more striking, illuminating the edge of the upper and lower lips with loose powder illuminators, and then outline the lips with a dark brown and filled with a tone lipstick in plum, chocolate brown or maroon also encourages them orange.

Makeup For A Shocking Night

I tend to favor long fuchsia tones for lips, violet and mauve eye shadow, blush and fuchsia iridescent tones.

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