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Makeup Tips for Redheads

The skin of the redheads women is not very clean to say, we mean that have freckles on almost the entire face, starting with the cheeks, nose, forehead, making them feel insecure about how to makeup to look more beautiful. But with the clear sense that we speak of a natural redhead, that is a girl who has fair skin, blue eyes, freckles on his face, etc. we can provide some very basic tips that will allow you to show off a bit more beautiful with perfect makeup for your face.

Makeup Tips for Redheads

If at first you want to hide or conceal their freckles as a great ally will be a green corrector, which can be found without any problem, you should only apply to areas where you want to hide and play. You should be aware that if you want a very natural, it is best to choose bases in soft matte, no shine. Also,read previous Makeup Tips for Blondes.

With respect to the eyes, a color that will suit you well is green, although you can try other shades, choose the most clear and warm if they are hard not to look. It is better to prefer a brown liner, for the same reason, but if your style is presented with the most penetrating look then there is no problem. Lip Finally we recommend using a peach tone, always applying a little gloss.

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