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Makeup Tips and Trick For Blondes

Being blonde is not just having a hair color is a way of being and a matter of taste, Donatella Versace once said.

Culturally there is an obsession with blonde hair. It's almost regarded as the essential color of women. If you're in a restaurant and see a blonde, comes an "alert Blonde" men unintentionally turn their head and eyes are focused.

If you are blonde, so you should read this post, take off the most with the following makeup tips for blondes.

If your hair is light brown or blond, regardless of whether it is your natural hair color or what have you been dyeing, here below some makeup tips for make the most of both your hair and your color skin.

If you have fair skin and light eyes: as a makeup base used beige tones. For blush, pink tones. As for eye shadow, you will be a wonderful shades of gray, blue or purple and lipstick choose darker shades of pink.

If you have dark skin and light eyes: As a makeup look for the beige base within the range of the orange. For blush, use red or purple colors clear. For eye shadow, choose shades of light pink, blue and gray and lips, you will look perfect with red tones with dark violet pulling.

If you have fair skin and dark eyes: foundation for your partner are golden beige. As for the rouge, the dark pink highlight your skin tone. For eye shadow, use dark green, blue, green and brown matter how light or dark, like lipstick, the color of your skin will be enhanced if you choose pinks orange.

If you have dark skin and dark eyes: As a foundation, the better you are the natural tones will be within the range of orange-beige. As a blush, use red and red-orange light. To highlight the color of your eyes, nothing like the shades of brown, regardless of whether light or dark. And finally, for the lips, looking red and red-orange to darker blush.

The color of the skin, eyes and hair have a lot to do with the choice of makeup colors. Today we see that the natural or dyed blonde can put their hair color, and enhanced with makeup.

These blondes makeup tricks are very effective, so pay attention.

If you have blond hair, white skin and blue eyes predominate in cool colors you: choose a makeup of the same color of your skin, ever darker. Blush, pink or peach, to help soften the face. The cool tones like blue and purple goes well with this skin tone and eyes. The eyeliner should be gray and black mask. The lips always in the range of roses, of course for the day and more intense for the night. The red lip is not usually good.

If instead you have light eyes but dark skin, your foundation should be light beige for the skin and hair does not contrast well. A dark pink blush help you stand above your natural tone. The shadows are choosing palettes of beige, blue or gray. The mask and eyeliner can be gray or blue and can dare to aubergine lipstick for the evening because you will be fine.

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